GedWiz Frequently Asked Questions

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You can purchase a new single user license for GedWiz software, for download, through this site using secure online ordering. Payment is by PayPal. PayPal allows payment by credit/debit card using its guest checkout facility, which is available in many countries. It is also possible to pay using direct bank transfer to our UK account; contact customer service if you need the details.

If you are an existing customer with a single user license (i.e., you have previously bought a license for a full working copy of GedWiz), you may be able to purchase a version upgrade through this site.

For all other purchases, including bulk orders, academic discounts & multi-user (site) licenses, please contact customer service.

See prices.

To make the best possible purchase decision, please take advantage of the free trial download before you decide to get the full version.

However, there is also a 30-day money-back no-quibble guarantee on purchases of single user licenses for GedWiz made directly through this site.

This does not apply to upgrade orders or to purchases not made directly through this site.

iPad: this software will not run on an iPad (or iPhone) or similar.

Mac: GedWiz is a Windows application and as such it does not run directly on a Mac.

If your Mac has a Windows environment such as that provided by 'Parallels' (or similar products) then you should be able run it. However, the use of any of our Windows-targetted products within the Parallels environment on the Mac is not formally supported.

Sorry, but Windows 11S/10S is not supported. Windows 11S/10S is a limited version of Windows that can only run apps from the official Windows app store, and GedWiz cannot be obtained that way.

Sorry, but no. Chromebook is not supported.

  • Help information is embedded within the product. To access this, choose Help Index from the Help menu.
  • There are many videos on this site that demonstrate how to use the most commonly used features.
  • Common product support questions are covered in the Frequently Asked Questions page for GedWiz.
  • 12 months access to the customer helpdesk for product support for the current release is included as part of the product price when you buy a license.
  • Support includes any updated releases that are released during the support period, which you can download free of charge.
  • Support is only provided for the latest (i.e., current) release of the product at any given time - if you are in date for support but do not have the latest release then you should download and install that before contacting the helpdesk. Older, retired, releases of the product are not supported.
  • For continued access to the helpdesk after the support period has ended it is necessary to purchase a version upgrade.

Yes. The installer is a full installation and does not require the previous release to be already installed. However you will need a valid install key to install it.

After you have paid for your order you will be contacted by email with installation instructions, including any install code(s) that you need for the full version of the product.

Orders are processed manually (i.e. by a human), and during UK business hours. If you place your order Monday-Friday during UK business hours (9-5.30 UK time) there will be a delay of a few hours before your installation codes are sent. Orders placed at weekends or on UK public holidays may not be processed until the next UK business day (Monday-Friday). If you are ordering from outside the UK please remember that sometimes the UK has public holidays that you do not.

Some orders require validation by us prior to payment (e.g. version upgrades). In such cases we will contact after you have placed your order, either with details of how to pay, or with queries about your order.

Sorry, no.


Please contact customer service with further details of your requirements so we may give you a quote.

Yes, as follows:

  • 2 licenses: 20% of 2nd license
  • 3 licenses: 20% off order value
  • 5-9 licenses: 30% off order value
  • 10+ licenses: 35% off order value

To place such a bulk order, please contact customer service to arrange payment. The online ordering system on this site does not, at this time, have a facility for placing a bulk order.

Please note that purchasing multiple licenses in this way is not the same thing as buying a site license. The above discounts are provided so that groups of individuals can club together to buy licenses for their individual usage of the software, but at a discount. If you represent an organization that wishes to buy a multi-user (site) license, this is a different purchase. If this applies to you, please contact customer service with details of your requirements.

The bulk order discount may not be used in conjunction with any other discount.

The company aims to process all orders within 24 hours of order placement or within the next UK business day (whichever is later), though in most cases it is much quicker than this.

Install codes are sent by email. Please check that this email has not been mistakenly treated as spam by your email system - check your spam folder! This is the likeliest reason why you may appear to have not received the install codes. You are recommended to add to your 'safe senders' or 'whitelist' in your email program.

No, sorry. All prices are for download only.

Yes, for a period of at least 3 months following the date of purchase.

There is no guarantee that the software release you downloaded will be available after this period. It may well be, but we do not guarantee it.

You are therefore advised to keep a safe backup of your downloaded software e.g. on a USB memory key, should you ever need to re-install the product.

If you have a single user license you can install it on at most two computers - e.g. your main home computer and a laptop - so long as it is solely for your own use on both machines.

If you have a multi-user or site license then the installation limits will depend on the licence you have bought, and you should refer to the licensing information supplied at the time of purchase for limits on installation.

For other queries about installation limits please contact customer service.

Yes. Just save a copy of the installer file as downloaded from this site, e.g. to a USB stick. You can then reinstall later from the same download. You can also use this method if you need to install to a computer that's not connected online.

There are two possible reasons for this.

The first is that you are trying to install a release of the product to which you are not entitled, because your period for support ended prior to its release. The registration window will tell you the release date of the product, and you need to ensure that your product key is valid for support until that date. If your period for support expired prior to the release date, you will need to upgrade in order to install the later release.

The only other reason that GedWiz might not accept your product key is if you have entered it incorrectly. Please check it very carefully! Also please be aware that the product key is linked to your registration name. You must enter the same registration name as was issued to you along with the product key.

Open Windows Settings, select 'Apps', find GedWiz in the list of apps, select it, then click the Uninstall button.

Click the Settings button (or choose Settings from the File menu), move to the Preferences tab, then change the Date format within the Miscellaneous section.

If you want to export all the data displayed in the main table - e.g. if you have people listed in the main window and you wish to all the data as displayed to a CSV (text) file, just click the Data button underneath the table, then choose the topmost option, Export Listed People As CSV/Text.

There is a video Play Video that demonstrates how to export data from this product.

Click the Settings button (or choose Settings from the File menu), move to the Preferences tab, then change the entries in the Fonts section.

Click the Settings button (or choose Settings from the File menu), move to the Preferences tab, then change the thumbnail width and height in the Miscellaneous section.

In order for GedWiz to be able to display photos/images (i) they must be available locally on the computer on which it is running, (ii) and they must be correctly named within the GEDCOM file. If you cannot see the images when you were expecting to, almost certainly it is one or the other of these issues.

When a GEDCOM file is said to 'contain' photos, what that actually means is that the GEDCOM file contains the filenames of photos. The images themselves are never embedded in the GEDCOM file. The GEDCOM standard states that the photos should be given as filenames - that is to say, they are image files such as JPEG files that are accessible in the local computer's filesystem.

The first thing to check is that your GEDCOM file does actually contain the photo filenames. To see the image filenames, open your GEDCOM in GedWiz then display the photos table (select Photos from the pulldown menu above the main table). Then examine the File column.

The File column contains the precise image filenames as provided inside your GEDCOM file.

If that column is empty, that is the problem: it means that your GEDCOM file doesn't actually contain any image filenames. If you obtained your GEDCOM file by exporting it from one of the well known genealogical websites this is likely to be the problem - some of those sites do not export images.

If the File column is not empty, does it contain valid filenames? For image files to be displayable within GedWiz they must be valid filenames that can be located within the local computer's filesystem. E.g. if the 'file' names supplied in your GEDCOM file are actually weblinks to the internet, then again these cannot be displayed in GedWiz. GedWiz does not download data or images from the internet e.g. you cannot use it to directly extract images/data from genealogical websites.

If the File column does contain filenames, but the files are now available in a different folder on your computer, you might like to know that GedWiz has a feature to map image folders which may help display them.

For further information about photo display in GedWiz, including the folder mapping mechanism, please see the inbuilt help reference (choose Help Index from the Help menu within GedWiz), or see the photos video Play Video.

Please contact customer service. Please note that product support is only available to customers whose period for support has not expired. If your support period has expired, you will need to upgrade in order to extend your support period.