GedWiz Store - Licensing

Single User vs. Site Licenses

The normal license for GedWiz is a single user license, which means it is licensed for use by a single named person, only, and it may only be installed on that person's computer (e.g. a home PC) and optionally a secondary system (e.g. laptop) so long as it is not used on both systems at the same time.

This is the type of license sold through this website.

However, it is also possible to buy a different type of license - a 'site' or multi-user license. These types of licenses are intended for situations where multiple persons, typically a group or organization, wish to license the software for use by the group. The cost of such a license depends on how many people need to be able to use the software simultaneously. To purchase such a license, contact customer service with details of your requirements.

Perpetual vs. 1 Year Licenses

All licenses are sold as either 'perpetual' or '1 year' licenses.

With a perpetual license you can use the software without time limit, so long as your computer and operating system remains compatible with the product.

With a 1 year license you can use the software for up to 1 year, only, after which it will revert to trial mode use. With this type of license there is an upgrade option to switch to a perpetual license.

The purpose of the 1 year license is to offer a lower priced entry point for those customers who do not expect to use the software for an extended period.

Access To Support and Updates

Please note that in all cases the period for access to support and updates is fixed at 12 months from the point of license purchase. Specifically, please note that a perpetual use license does not grant unlimited access to our support service or unlimited access to updates. Those are always limited to 12 months from the point of purchase. You can however buy a support extension to extend your access to support & updates.